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The Next Steps
Start with Simple

You cannot just focus on one. The Body, Mind, and Spirit are connected.

Feelings of Anxiety, Depression, and Disconnect cannot be fixed by one alone.

Making it simple, taking one step at a time.

One with Nature

Service Offerings

Wellness at Your Fingertips


This 1-1 ayurvedic consultation will be focused teaching you about your unique constitution and certain dietary and lifestyle habits that would be best suitable to balance physical imbalanced manifestations.  


Forest Therapy/Forest Bathing is a 1  hour guided experience. 1-1, a curated experience. Rediscover the world around you through the sense and practice developing presence in your environment. 



 The 1-1 yogic consultation is for anyone new or seasoned in yoga. This consult will give you a specialized yoga protocol to meet you where you are at and teach you breathwork. Yoga is about quieting the mind, and this consult will provide just that. 

  • 60 minutes $100

  • 3 session package $250

  • In Person/ or Online

Mind Body Spirit 

Included in the Month long

package deal for $222


2 Ayurvedic Consultations

(Week 1 and Week 4) 


1 Yoga Consultation

(Week 2)

  • Personalized Yoga Video

  • Option of one other Yoga Class 

  .    1 Guided Forest Therapy Audio Recording          (Week 3)


Follow Up Consult

(Scheduled Upon Completion)

                    About the MBS Package

Feeling a bit directionless where to start? Unsure of what the next steps look like as you navigate your health and overall wellbeing. 

Learn to navigate your Body Mind and Spirit confidently as you develop new ways of bringing balance through your diet, habits, physical activities, and mindful practices.



Mind Body Spirit - Yoga Ayurveda Forest Therapy Triangle

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