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An Ayurvedic Lens

Ayurveda/(eyer veydah):

Ayur meaning Life.

Veda meaning Knowledge/

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. In a very broad sense, it is based on the elements, their qualities, and how those qualities manifest in an individual. The name Journey of the Microcosm is based on Samkhya Philosophy which is one of the foundational philosophies in Ayurveda.  In a very broad understanding it tells the story of how life came to be; About how the Universe (the Macrocosm) made its journey into the Individual (the Microcosm).  This story acknowledges that every singular intelligence, every element, every sense, and every function of an individual derives from the universe. We are literally made up of the same components of the universe which rings true even in a scientific sense.


If you are interested in learning about Ayurveda continue reading below. If you would like to learn about how these ayurvedic principles can help in your own healing of body, mind, and spirit, please check out the my services tab.


What are the 3 Doshas?

Vata · Pitta · Kapha

What is "Dosha" ?

While Dosha has many meanings, this word in this context refers to organization. Each individual is a unique expression of the universe and not one person is alike. This organization helps it easier to understand the individual from a physical, mental, and emotional viewpoint. Each Dosha has elements and their qualities that allow practitioners to assess imbalances.


For example, one individual could be made up of more air and ether (Vata), whereas another individual could be made up of more fire and water (Pitta). And while there are other individuals who might be predominantly air and ether, the qualities of each element might differ between the two individuals and how they manifest in the individual.


Predominantly Air and Ether. With these elements bring the qualities of dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, mobile, and clear.  

Vata's primary function is communication. It is the reason you can perceive the things around you, it allows for communication down to the cellular level, it contributes to your respiration, and to your circulatory system. 


Predominately Fire and Water. These elements bring the qualities of sharp, hot, lightness, liquid, sour, and spreading. 

Pitta’s main function is transformation. Pitta can be seen as our digestive fire. This means it helps transforms our food into nutrients, and our perceptions and our emotions into understanding. 


Predominantly Water and Earth. These elements bring qualities of heavy, stability, slow, sticky, soft, hard, liquid, dense, and cool. 

Kapha’s main function is nourishment and support. After the food is transformed into nutrients by Pitta, Kapha is the facilitator that allows for nutrients to reach the vital parts in the body. It can also be seen as the nourisher since one of its main emotions is love. 

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