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Remembering How to....
Reconnect with Yourself.
Reconnect with Nature.
Reconnect with Others.
Girl Hiking in Nature

Forest Therapy?

You might have heard of Shinrin Yoku which translates into Forest Bathing. This practice originated in Japan in the 1980’s during a speedy rise in technology advancement and an increase in the busy work life. With this there was an increase in health issues such as autoimmune disorders, cancer, and mental disorders like depression and suicide. The acknowledgment of this correlation led to research on ways to battle this. That is how Shinrin Yoku was discovered, one of the key takeaways that these researchers found is that trees produce a chemical called phytoncides. These phytoncides are produced all the time because they are emitted whenever the tree is in harms way with other organisms living off of them These phytoncides have been discovered to have a relationship with humans as well. Trees are always producing phytoncides, and our bodies in response to these phytoncides produce a special white blood cell called a natural killer cell. NK cells roam the body an like all immune cells they look for abnormal cells, potentially turn cancerous, and they destroy them as a preventative measure.


Why Forest Therapy?

There are many reasons people come seeking forest bathing/therapy. For many they see the many health benefits that come along with submersing oneself in nature. Others may do it to reconnect with nature, reconnect with others, and reconnect even to themselves. Others may approach this practice wanting to build awareness and deepening the connection with their 5 senses to be more present in their day-to-day lives.

Forest Therapy is a lovely  practice that can change the way you live your day to day. Not only does it help with health, awareness, and connection, but this practice allows for creativity and the imaginal to become a part of the reality of the human experience. If you have a 9-5 job, then this might just be the practice for you. It requires very minimum physical exertion and you do not have to expend any energy to receive what the forest/nature has to offer you.

Check it out!

If you would like to schedule a private group outing use the contact form below. If you are interested in a guided 1-1 curated experience you can learn more about it through the My Services tab.

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